Please read through these frequently asked questions and contact us if you don’t find the answers you are looking for.


Cost varies depending on the length and frequency of classes. Please refer to the fees page for more details.  All balances are DUE at the time of registration.  You can save with our FUNDRAISING Program (https://www.paga-gym.ca/category/fundraising/)


2 years and up.


No experience is needed. Placement into the proper class ensures both safety and success for your child. In some cases the recreational director may feel that a child is not in the best suited class. In this case he/she may be asked to change to a more appropriate class. If you wish you may have your child tested to find the most suitable class for him/her. Pre-competitive testing is available.


Most pre-school and recreational classes are once per week for the length of the term. You may register for additional classes. Please refer to the class schedule


PAGA does not re-schedule classes that have been missed. If you will be away for a substantial period of time please inform your coach and alternative arrangements may be possible.


Classes 3 hours or longer will break for a Healthy Snack. All snacks  are to be eaten in the kitchen. Food is not allowed in the gym.  Parents are asked to pack a small Healthy Snack.  No chips, candy or junk food permitted in the gym.


Pre-school and recreational participants may wear shorts without buttons or zippers and  t-shirt or a leotard. Participants should be bare-footed when inside the gym.

Competitive gymnasts are required to wear a training bodysuit with/without gym shorts. Hair must be tied back neatly.  Those not in the proper attire will not be able to participate.


If you wish to withdraw from a program, one month’s written notice must be given to the office. The Insurance fee is non-refundable.


Email: paga-gym@shawbiz.ca

phone: 724-1011
fax: 724-1239


3450 Argyle Street (map)
Port Alberni


You can lower your costs by fundraising. A percentage of what you collect will be forwarded to the required FUNDRAISING AMOUNT. Please refer to our Fundraising page for more information.

Pre-Fundraising – You must pre-fundraise prior to a session.  Total Fundraising credits can be applied at the time of registration.  The more you raise the more you save on registration.


Parent and Tot programs receive a participation certificate. All pre-school and CAN-Gym participants receive progress reports which are distributed at the end of each session.