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Fall 2021/2022

The Fall 2021/2022 Schedule is now available for viewing! Thank you for your patience! We are SO looking forward to seeing everyone back in the gym this year!!!

  • Registration for all recreational classes will become active      Monday Aug 23 2021 at 7:00am.

Click here ⇒ create an account or to sign in with an existing account. A reminder that while the uplifter website is mobile friendly, it is much easier to navigate via computer

  • Please note:  Kidsport and Jumpstart letters of approval are required at the time of registration

Class description: Children learn using all gymnastics equipment under the guidance of a certified gymnastics instructor. Using a wide variety of activities for your child will have continuous benefits with many successes, challenges and discoveries. Our goal is to explore and teach the basic fundamentals of gymnastics.

New students: Placement in the proper class ensures safety and success for your child. In some cases the recreational director may feel that a child is not in the class best-suited for their skill level. In this case you may be asked to change to a more appropriate class.

Progress reports: At the end of the term each pre-school and recreational child will receive a progress report.

Competitive Program:  There are a variety of ways and levels to become involved with our Competitive Program- However class entry and registration is by head coach assessment only. For more information or if your child is interested in becoming a competitive athlete- please notify us by email at: and we will discuss your options individually.

Spectators: We are currently still adhering to many Covid 19 restrictions and policies. We respectfully ask that you continue to follow last years protcols and refrain from viewing at this time. We will be posting notices of designated viewings per class. Please watch for these updates.


  1. Food and drinks are NOT permitted in the gym
  2. Pockets must be emptied prior to entry
  3. No one is allowed in the gym unsupervised. Gymnasts have access to the change rooms and washrooms.
  4. Please be on time to pick up your child at the end of the practice session.
  5. Please leave jewelry at home and long hair must be pulled back. Bangs must be kept out of face.
  6. Parents and Spectators are NOT permitted on the gym floor.  Must use designated viewing area.  Parents are welcome to observe a class as long as the gymnast is not distracted
  7. Respect for other athletes, coaches and officials is very important in our sport and is expected of all gymnasts and parents.
  8. If there are any questions or concerns please contact the Head Coach.


Refund policy: Prior to any refund payment being made, one month’s written notice must be given to the office by the first business day of that month. Full payment for the month following withdrawal, notice is required. If additional fees have been received in advance these will be refunded.

*Refunds are given for the time missed due to serious injury or extended illness. Please notify the office with a doctor’s note. Classes missed because of planned holidays or intermittent illness will not be refunded.

Statutory holidays: The Gym will be closed for all Statutory Holidays.

Class cancellations: A class will be cancelled if there are less than three students in that class after the first week. We will do our best to accommodate the students enrolled in these classes by trying to find other convenient class times.

Contact: We encourage Members to reach out with any questions via email as regular office hours are being determined: *Appointments can be made