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Summer Drop In – Fridays ONLY



  • To provide a fun gymnastics program for girls/boys 2years of age and up which will promote both physical and mental fitness.
  • To develop a positive environment to aid gymnasts in reaching their full potential.
  • To treat gymnasts equally.
  • To develop a complete awareness of gymnastic fundamentals.
  • To provide positive competition experiences for  gymnasts in our programs.


The principle concern of the club is to develop the full inherent athletic, physical, and mental potential of each individual.

The club is dedicated to the development of young girls and boys, not only as masters of their discipline, but also as citizens who will assume leadership and will inspire others to reach the limits of individual potential.

All ability levels receive equal attention.  An absolute beginner will get just as much out of training as a national competitor.  Each level has its own emphasis.  We do not feel that the goal of gymnastics is necessarily national level competition.  Only a very few can attain that position.  We feel that gymnastics has intrinsic values such as physical awareness, coordination, poise, sense of accomplishment and self-discipline, no matter what level a gymnast reaches!